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 Wolfie's TMNT Fanart Dump 'O Dooooom!!!

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PostSubject: Wolfie's TMNT Fanart Dump 'O Dooooom!!!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:23 am

Okay, I guess I'll add MY humble (VERY humble!)pics here, too. So here's the ones that I have up at my DA page:

First, my pic of Raph (lineart). This is ACTUALLY my FAVE among the lot...FOR----somewhat OBVIOUS reasons:
DA link:

The COLORED version of the same:

The DA link to this:

Second, my Freedom Fighter Leo pic (from an "abandoned" version of my Biker Mice/Ninja Turtles crossover fanfic that was up at the old O.Z. Forum...a version that is looking more and more like it's going to get UN-abandoned, thanks to a VERY persistant Turtle-Muse named Hamato Leonardo 😉 Razz . AND my own over-active imagination. 😉 ). Anyway, if you want the FULL story on this pic, the description is on the one up at my DA Gallery:
DA link:

The lineart for my Freedom Fighter Leo pic (the one with the scars and the eyepatch:

And finally, a slightly altered version of my FF Leo pic, done as a gift for my youngest niece, and altered because she didn't like Leo with an eyepatch and scars. Ah, well, you just can't PLEASE some people................:
DA link:

Aaaand the lineart for the same:

(I'll get the DA-links for these posted later. Promise. Wink )

I'll add more pics later as I get them done, and uploaded to Photobucket. Meanwhile, enjoy! Very Happy Wink Very Happy Wink Very Happy
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Wolfie's TMNT Fanart Dump 'O Dooooom!!!
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